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Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use

The following terms of use put together by PMB interiors, includes the set of rules that will form an agreement after services of PMB  architects and Interiors.


  • PMB architects and Interiors WILL only provide interior design and architectural services on turnkey basis only. PMB INTERIOR AND ARCHITECTURE works only on turnkey basis and cannot be treated like a general labor & a day basis contractor. All hassles concerning the construction elements must be discussed between the client and PMB architects and Interiors.
  • PMB architects and Interiors will notify of  the client of the speculated time schedule of works as soon as the quotes for the construction have been produced. These dates shall always be treated as approximates only and PMB architects and Interiors cannot be held responsible for any delay in completion.
  • Third Party companies, firms or individual suppliers will be employed by PMB architects and Interiors to handle certain work for the Client, such as civil & electrical work, P.O.P./Gypsum work, Plumbing work, carpentry & painting − polishing work, decorating fitment work, carpet fitting, curtain and blind manufacture and fitting etc from the day of agreement of the project.
  • PMB architects and Interiors will not guarantee that Clients will always like our recommendations because of the nature of interior design business but we will be sharing all our design concepts to lower the risk after the appointment with the client
  • Since the process of interior design is mostly subjective, we will not be  providing any refunds in this case. However, do contactPMB architects and Interiors and we will be happy to discuss the questions based on the concept further over the phone and make further recommendations as required in special cases.


  • The property should be made accessible to all employees of the PMB architects and Interiors as well as any third party suppliers providing services throughout the time span of the construction.
  • The availability of basic utilities such as electricity and water are to be made sure to be available for use at the property throughout the entire work and shall not cost PMB.


  • The estimated charges for the services accompanying the following terms and conditions or as amended by PMB architects and Interiorsand communicated to the Client.
  • All the Cheques shall always be made payable to PMB architects and Interiors or as confirmed by PMB.
  • Payment can only be made through cash or cheque through bank transfer or supporting guarantee card.
  • Immediately upon presentation of invoice, the payment will be due to be paid to PMB architects and Interiors, except in the case where the invoice is sent via post/mail/hard copy and then the payments shall be due to be paid within 5 working days from the date of the invoice


  • The contract can be cancelled by the client at any time up to the end of seven working days since the day on which the Contract is concluded, subject to the following provisions:
  • A working day can be any day other than weekends and bank or other public holidays.
  • If the supply of the Service begins with the Client’s agreement before the end of the seven working day cancellation period, the client does not have the right to cancel the contract.
  • Once it has been notified to PMB architects and Interiors that the Client is cancelling the Contract, within 30 days the reimbursement of the fund back to the Client for the Services will take place.
  • Post the 15 day period, the client has to give a notice beforehand terminating the contract with PMB architects and Interiors. The Client will have to pay for the services as well as other cost to  PMB architects and Interiors for the services provided from the date of commencement till the date of Termination
  • It will be seen as a waiver of the breach if any delay occurs in action from either party in case of a breach of contact.
  • Termination of contract will not affect either party’s outstanding rights or duties, including PMB architects and Interiors  right to recover any money owing to it under these terms and conditions.


  • PMB architects and Interiors shall have no liability to the Client for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims for compensation arising from any information or instruction supplied by the client.
  • PMB architects and Interiors shall not be liable to the Client for any unforeseeable loss or damage arising from the provision of the Services, which includes loss profit loss or consequential loss or damage.
  • PMB architects and Interiors shall not be liable for any failure to perform its duties under the signed contract due to circumstances beyond its control, like flood or fire etc.
  • The Client must provide full details of any complaints within 15 days of the supply of the relevant services to make PMB interior and architecture liable.
  • PMB architects and Interiors shall be paid beforehand the initiated amount for beginning site surveys & making renders & estimation for presenting to its client.
  • PMB architects and Interiors shall not be liable or blamed for delaying due to the failure of decided payment slabs.